Advanced Security Consulting

Advanced Security Consulting specializes in designing customized solutions that integrate the best of today’s cutting edge technologies.

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With over 20 years combined experience, ASC has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through any security or low voltage installation. We can create RFP’s, help you interview and choose vendors and project manage installations. You can rely on our in depth knowledge of manufacturers, dealers, equipment, suppliers and installers to provide you with a system that will meet your needs and have it installed quickly and efficiently. The business value of Advanced Security Consulting continues to grow as clients gradually refine operations and solutions, and find new ways to leverage the capabilities of our technology and system designs. Our expert consultants show companies how to fine tune their existing solution and business practices to derive the optimum bottom line benefits. We also provide full system design for new construction and renovation projects. Our team prides itself on paying close attention to detail which drives projects to come in on time and under budget. Our process is based on extensive front line experience and vast knowledge of day to day operations to deliver simplicity and ease of use for system operations.

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